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Chinese herbal medicine selection with a

Telehealth & Herbal Consults

Book a consultation with Dr. Nadia to discuss herbal remedies, order custom made formulas, and dive deeper into nutritional/supplement programs. 

Dr. Nadia offers in-depth Telehealth appointments utilizing meditation, breathwork, self acupressure, yoga, and other lifestyle techniques to help reclaim your sovereignty with self-care, healing wisdom, longevity, and an optimal way of being. 

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Acupuncture Sessions

Acupuncture is an ancient art of Chinese Medicine used for over 10,000 years as a modality to remind the body how to heal itself.

Dr. Nadia supplements her session's with tools such as Moxibustion (herbal heat therapy), Gua Sha (scraping to release stagnation and adhesions throughout connective tissue, while releasing stagnant emotions stored in body), and Cupping- glass cups used to clear deep stasis, dredge out tension, and restructure the meridians (energetic channels). 

Reiki Treatment

Bodywork & Acupuncture

Dr. Nadia has been a licensed massage therapist since her first year of Chinese Medicine school in 2014. She quickly became highly demanded in her community and sprung into her career as a healer. She's had the opportunity to give bodywork sessions on NFL, MBL players, celebrities, mother's, children, refugees, cancer patients, and the list goes on.... 

Once licensed in Acupuncture Dr. Nadia created a session in which incorporates both Acupuncture & Bodywork. This treatment has become Dr. Nadia's highest demanded session where she choreographs a dance of myo-fascial release, acupuncture, energy balancing, and the capacity to fully reset the blueprints of the current mode of being that could be damaging us more than helping. 

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Tea & Herbal Ceremonies

Dr. Nadia dove into traditional Gong Fu Cha, Chinese Tea Ceremony since she was 15-years-old. She has learned much in the art of Chinese Tea and for the past 11 years has been growing an artisan Tea Collection. Gong Fu Cha ceremonies are offered to teach, enjoy, and ponder on this ancient tradition. 

As an herbalist, Dr. Nadia has allied with many plants. She deeply enjoys befriending single plants at a time, meditating, dieting, and writing poetry on their essence. She offer's coaching and guidance to those interested in befriending the plant and fungal king & queendoms more intimately.


She is also passionate about herbal crafting and offers sessions to focus on an herbal program for those on the journey to holistic and herbal medicine. 

Dr. Nadia is also currently receiving her Certification in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. With this credential she hopes to contribute to the science and rhetoric of therapeutic benefits behind Psilocybin.   

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Fertility, Prenatal, and Postpartum Care

There is an affinity to the mama world and Dr. Nadia. Many woman have come to her through their journeys of becoming pregnant, receiving care during pregnancy, and ensuring optimal recovery for postpartum. Dr. Nadia has become knowledgable and has developed an apothecary and program for Mama's on this journey. 

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