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Herbalism Mentorship

Your pathway to plant mastery

Hi, I'm Nadia, my clients call me Dr. Bones

I have my Doctorate in Chinese Medicine and became deeply passionate about herbalism since my introduction to it in Chinese Medicine school. 

Throughout my education I became fascinated with how to apply Chinese Medical Theory to Western herbalism as well as gaining a deeper understanding of my local ecosystem and weaving 5 element theory into how I view the plant world and earth as a whole. In the past decade I have devoted myself to plant medicine, dieting with particular plants, and done trainings in psychedelic therapy as to help assist and guide others through their own intimate relationship with plants. My apothecary continues to grow while my relationship with these plants are revealing to me it is time to spread and share my wisdom with others. This mentorship is my deepest expression and desire to educate others to remember our own inner healer, herbalist, and keepers of the natural world. 

My 3-month container will provide you with the
knowledge and skills necessary to become a confident
practitioner in herbalism. 

Check out the curriculum 

Month 1

Chinese Medicine Theory and Intro to Chinese Herbalism

Month 2

Basics of herbal medicine

Month 3

 Psychosomatics and utilizing Chinese Medicine, Herbalism, and Indigenous Wisdom to heal yourself and others. 

Wk 1: Ying Yang Theory, Chinese Philosophy, Daoism

Wk 2: 5 Elements, 5 flavors, 5 emotions and their relationship to plant medicine

Wk 3: Chinese Herbal Categories (examples of Western Herbs in these categories)

CHOOSE A PLANT TO WORK WITH for remainder of the program

Wk 4: Staple Herbs to have on hand at home, resources, begin connecting with chosen plant

Wk 1: Colds, Flus, Prevention, DIY tinctures (Metal)

Wk 2: Internal Medicine: OBGYN Health, sexual health, Longevity (Water/Wood)

Wk 3: Internal Medicine: Digestion, Dampness, Phlegm (Earth)

Wk 4: Internal Medicine: Migraines, Heat, Rashes, Heart, Autoimmune (Fire)

Wk 5: Internal Medicine: Liver Qi, emotional outbursts, effects on digestion and respiratory (Wood)

Prepare to present/discuss chosen plant

Last 3 Weeks:

Wk 1: Tuning into spirit of the plant. Group presentations about chosen plant. Sharing poetry, song, writings, musings around chosen plant

Wk 2: Group presentations, sharing

Wk 3: Group presentations, sharing


Nadia is the only healer I currently trust with my body. She partners deep intuitive wisdom, over a decade of study and an extensive skillset to really listen deeply to what each individual needs. She has truly learnt how to speak the language of the body and has vast knowledge around the medicinal properties of plants. The power of an intuitive medicine woman who has devoted herself to study and her craft is a force. I am blessed to call her my healer. 

Blu of Earth, Deja blu podcast


Build your home apothecary. Create your own relationship with plant medicine and have the knowledge to cure ailments.

Earn Dr. Bones special certification. Give back to others the gift of ancient healing practices. 

Be a part of an intimate and like
minded community.
The group
has a capacity of 8 enrollments.  


Herbalism Mentorship


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