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Medical Services 

Work with Dr. Bones to go over blood labs, develop herbal and nutrition programs, lifestyle advice and recommendations, and how to integrate and prep for psychedelic therapy. 

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📋 Nutrition plans based on constitution 

📋 Gut biome rebuild program

📋 Living in harmony with seasons and 5 elements

📋 Overview labs, distinguish diet and supplement plans for longevity and health

📋 Coaching and support for any chronic medical condition/diagnosis 

Psychedelic Integration 

🌿 Experienced in psychedelic therapy world

🌿 Trained as a Psychedelic Therapist

🌿 Has completed multiple dietas- dieting with special plants while working with psychedelics

Get personalized health advice and wellness programs in a one-on-one session with Dr. Bones. Explore natural medicine, receive herbal prescriptions, and address general health queries.

Dr. Nadia Ramo, aka Dr. Bones

I am excited passionate about reminding my patients how empowered they are in their own healing. Chinese Medicine and herbalism are both rooted in the idea that our body, minds, and spirits can always come back to harmony and balance. This is an opportunity for me to coach you through your healing journey. 

I was once diagnosed with a incurable blood disorder, soon to be bone cancer, and I felt deeply alone on the path of healing rubbing up against Western Medicine. I honor and respect many innovations of Western Medicine. Us working together can compliment any treatment or medication you are undertaking. This can be complementary program. Or it can be a portal to another route of healing.

I am certified as a Psychedelic Assisted Therapist, and have gone deep into the world of plant medicines and diets. I am also excited to inform, prepare, and help you integrate through your psychedelic therapy experiences. 

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