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Plant Club Membership.png

Like a book club, this plant club will meet twice per month to discuss a particular plant selected by Dr. Bones.

Each month you will receive an herb in the mail (package optional based on price), and weekly e-mails discussing history, pharmacology, clinical uses, folklore, spiritual and emotional significances of the plant, and prompts to take your own journey with the essence of the plant selected.


There will also be two video calls per month where we can collectively share, discuss, and integrate our personal and group wisdom into a deeper understanding of this plant. 

What this membership includes:

Exclusive access to a whole network of fellow plant enthusiasts, including a community forum.

Weekly emails from Dr. Bones, along with exclusive content about how to make medicine, potion, harvest, or prepare the plant.

Two video chats per month where we can collectively share and express our personal experiences with the plant. 

A platform to share poetry, songs, musings, writings, spoken word, vulnerability, celebrations, concerns, and challenges, all inspired by the essence of the plant we'll be invocating each month. 

An herbal package each month (optional based on membership price) so you can deeply learn and experience the plant. Join us and let's dive into the world of plants together!

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